Flirting Tips For Guys In Online Chatting

If you are a guy and you're hitting on every other chick and still not getting a response, then you're probably not doing it right. This is very frustrating and eventually either you end up going to bed or you jerk-off and go to bed without any reward. If you want to stop watching porn and want to get something real you will have to learn how to flirt with a woman. If you try to be too formal you will be considered as boring or if you start off your chat with "hey wanna have sex?" you would be coming on to strong at her and she will reject you.


If you are on a chatroom and looking for a woman, you should give yourself a good nick name. Remember you want to flirt with her. If you keep a nick name like "bible-lad" or "jesusfirst" there are many chances you will be rejected. Religion does not go with flirting and dating. Don't do this mistake.

Be polite

Before you start hitting on her, you need to let her know that you are not a hungry wolf desperate for sex. You want friendship too and that also matters to you. So you could ask her how her day was and if she had any trouble. Give her that emotional comfort and let her open up with you. When she opens up with you and she tells you she cried you could tell her that it's bad for a princess like her to cry etc. Try to flirt naturally and so it may appear genuine and also that you are caring.

Give her more reasons to believe you are genuine and not just messing around. Start talking to her and slowly compliment her about her clothes and shoes. Ask her what her hobbies are and inquire first. Inquiring alone is a sign enough for the other person to know that you are interested. This may also be considered as flirting in safe books.

Compliment her

Once you have become friends with her, you can now start flirting with her. You can complement her. But this does not mean you can say "I love that booty". Don't say it until you are already doing her. Women don't like it. Unless she is a whore she won't like it. Even prostitutes like to be treated with respect. Don't be disrespectful. Tell her hair is good or she looks like a fairy. Tell her she is a beautiful mermaid. Remember not to over-do it as this will make her believe you are desperate about her. If she is getting you easily she will ignore you and may go away. Wait for her texts and only compliment her when she isn't expecting it or totally craving for it. Make her earn it.

Hard to get game

Most women like to play the hard to get game and they will ignore you even if they want to talk to you. They will not respond to you like you want and eventually you will give and just to get her attention you may start flirting her or complimenting her. Remember this is a bad idea as she will consider you as weak or believe she can control you. You are not easy and she has to respect you. Start flirting with her once she respects you back and acknowledges it. Don't just throw it away in a box like a present to her.

Play that saxy game

Once you two have become good friends and you can observe she is also making initiatives to talk to you first, this is the time when you can start flirting. Once that place is achieved, you may freely flirt, tell her you like her and you wanna go out etc. But only do this when she respects you too.

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