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There are numerous sex dating sites, but only a few have managed to withstand the test of time. Sexbadoo is has become a site familiar to millions of people across the US. Sexbadoo makes no bones about its intention. This is a site dedicated to those looking for sexual relationships, one-night stands, and the like. Because it does not mince its intentions, the site has been able to outlast many of its competitors.

Set Up

Although the focus is different compared to traditional websites, the setup is remarkable similar and for good reason. This is because it follows a familiar path, so you can register, fill out your personnel file, and get started quickly.

Once you go through the registration process, the next step is filling out your personal file which includes information about yourself, what you are looking for in a relationship, and photos along with any appropriate tidbits so that people can get to know you. As with any sex dating site, the more active you are in the chat rooms, searching out other members, and so forth, the more likely you are to be successful in your quest.

There are also articles that spark conversation about the different ways people can make their sex lives more exciting. All-in-all, it's everything that you expect from a site designed for getting people together who have the same thing in mind.


There is little doubt that Sexbadoo works quite well in bringing people together, thanks in large part to its tried-and-true setup and execution. Those who get the most out of this site will be the ones who put the most into it, but it does offer distinctive advantages.


It is true that Sexbadoo has been around for several years which is quite an accomplishment. With similar websites coming and going with regularity, the steadiness that Sexbadoo has managed to achieve means that it has become trusted and reliable.


Sexbadoo is focused on bringing together people for short-term or temporary relationships based on sex. Because of its focus, this means that those who are just looking for a hook-up, one-night stand, or sexual encounter can cut to the chase and not have the distractions that traditional dating sites offer.

State of the Art

It is true that Sexbadoo does not show its age. The site has been regularly updated and modernized so that it appears with all the latest features. All this modernization however has not sacrificed its easy setup and navigation. This means that Sexbadoo is still easy-to-use while offering what you expect from the latest adult sex dating sites.

As for the downsides, the ratio of men to women is heavily tilted towards the men, so expect to spend some extra time looking for the right woman on the site. Plus, there are many old, dead profiles that have yet to be cleaned from the website.

However, the site itself is regularly updated, offers excellent features, and is still one of the best for looking up those interested in the same type of relationship as you.

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